Our Team

Viridian aims to bring the absolute best to our customers in terms of infrastructure, security, and product deliverance. Hence, the caliber of our team is no exception. We are a diverse, lean group of collectors that are poised to build the next generation of experiences for bridging assets between the physical + digital worlds.

Meet the Squad:

Krish Moran, CEO & Co-Founder (Twitter, Linkedin)
Krish is an industry-trained software engineer and business analyst with a combined 3+ years experience. Before Viridian, he built data pipelines for the Deep Space Network at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, developed iOS backend and CRM tools at Mercari, and aided in financial operations at HarbourVest Partners. Growing up collecting Pokémon and Yu-gi-oh cards with his older brother, the passion and hobby of collecting has always held a special place in his heart. When he's not working to bring physical assets on-chain, he enjoys weightlifting, playing/watching basketball, and searching for the best soup dumplings in the world.
Blake Hatch, CTO & Co-Founder (Twitter, Linkedin)
Blake specializes in building sound, secure, and scalable infrastructures and smart contracts. As an engineer at John Hancock, he spent his time automating the painfully arduous processes of old-money finance, optimizing investor workflows, and conducting artificial intelligence research. In his earlier years, he also cofounded the fitness start-up Vastus, where he developed the entire production-level application from 0 to 1. In his free time, he enjoys staying fit, collecting watches / pokémon, and building legos. He also used to dabble in stop-motion videos, so if you ever meet him in person, be sure to ask for a clip.
Rohil Javeri, Engineering (Linkedin)
Prior to joining Viridian, Rohil worked at MyCase as a Product Manager on the Billing/Payments team. He has also worked as an iOS engineer at mobile fitness app Lose It! and at Project44, where he built backend APIs to support client onboarding. Now, he aids Blake in the full-stack development side of our platform, and optimizing UX for our marketplace. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, practicing meditation, and watching the Chicago Bears lose on Sunday. Growing up, Rohil was an avid sports card collector and once attempted (and failed) to start an Ebay business selling football cards.
Michael Demoya, Community (Twitter)
At Viridian, Mike leads our community efforts on social media and discord. Throughout his eight years as a social media and content marketing specialist, Mike has worked with prominent brands such as Everlast, Muscle and Fitness, and Travel & Leisure. In web3, his specialties lie within NFT marketing, where he has successfully launched over 15 NFT projects on ETH, Solana & WAX, having joined the space with NBA Top Shot in early '21. He's been a cardboard collector since he was in grade school and is always looking to pick up some of his favorites from the European Football leagues!
Nikolai Hauck, Tik Tok (Twitter)
Nikolai is our resident Tik Tok guru. At the age of only 19, he's been a social media personality for about 5 years now (amassing 1.5m followers on his personal account) and really enjoys connecting with other like-minded people. He's worked with numerous brands to help them grow on social media, and also loves investing/trading in the stock market. When he's not making us go viral, he indulges in his overly-large affinity for Tyler Herro rookie cards.

Where is the Viridian Team from?

We are currently a fully-remote team, with members all around the US in Miami, Boston, New Jersey, and Los Angeles.