Genesis: 1st Edition

To demonstrate the top-notch infrastructure (both physical and digital) we've built to bring ownership of real-world collectibles on-chain, we bring you our Genesis NFT Drop. It will consist of 2000 packs, each filled with 1 NFT backed by a real, physical graded Pokémon or sports card.
We have cards ranging in value from hundreds to high five figures, waiting to be opened up on reveal day.
We are starting with trading cards because we grew up collecting these cards, and they hold a special place in our hearts. The community and market that surrounds cards is also something we know best, so it only made sense to start with an asset that we know how to get people excited about.

Once you mint a genesis pack, you have three choices:

  • Open your pack to reveal a card
  • Trade your card on the open market (Viridian Exchange or any polygon-compatible marketplace)
  • Redeem the NFT card for the underlying physical card to be shipped to you (feature coming on platform launch)


Contract address: Coming Soon
Mint Price: ~$300-350 Per Pack (Final Price TBD, depending on ETH price closer to drop date)
Mint Date: Late June 2022...
Blockchain utilized: Polygon
Payment Methods: ETH (on Ethereum or Polygon chain), or Credit / Debit Card
Make sure to check out Broken link to make sure you have everything ready to secure a Viridian Genesis Pack.