Asset Vaulting & Insurance

Where are the physical assets stored?

Collectibles that are tokenized within our ecosystem are stored in the Viridian Vault -- a 24/7 monitored, temperature-controlled, and fire-proof facility that is located in the eastern coast of the United States.
We can not disclose the exact location of the vault for security reasons, but rest assured that your assets are safe in what we like to call the "Fort Knox of collectibles".
On top of the security of our facilities, all items stored within the vault are 100% insured -- so you don't have to worry about anything happening to your precious assets.
We have a few partnerships in the works to globalize our vaulting process in order to make international tokenization just that much easier -- so stay tuned for announcements on this very soon.

Do I have to pay for storage and insurance?

Lucky for you, once you ship your item(s) to the Viridian Vault, there are no fees involved with securing and insuring your precious assets. We did this to lower the barrier of entry into our ecosystem, as we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the future of digital economies for unique, physical collectibles that we're building.

What happens if my item is damaged or destroyed in your possession?

As mentioned above, all assets that are tokenized in our ecosystem are stored in an extremely secure facility. All Viridian NFTs are insured at the market value of the corresponding asset when the item was deposited in the vault. In the event of loss or damage, while unlikely, the amount of the insured value will be reimbursed to the wallet of the NFT holder via a USD-pegged stablecoin.